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InnerOrigin is a revolutionary online wellness marketplace. 

  • What are you doing to look after yourself?
  • What do you eat?
  • What do you drink?
  • How much exercise are you getting? 
Often we think we eat really well and often feel great about choosing organic because it’s written on the packaging, we pay a little more for it as we are doing the right thing for us and our health and wellbeing. I was devastated in November 2016 when I discovered (in Australia anyway) they can say anything they want on the label, they don’t have to prove it’s organic just because they say it is. Plus, they can call it organic and it doesn’t need to be. I mean…..what is going on with our labeling. We the consumer are the ones who are having the wool pulled over our eyes and it really rattles my cage. It’s not congruent with looking after the community, doing the right thing, being truthful and honest!!!!! 
So what do we or can we do? 
We choose to go to local farmers markets, organic markets and support the local farmers and growers. Source organic, non-GMO and as natural as possible products and be very careful where we shop and what we purchase. I feel the more we do this the more the big corporations will have to start taking notice. We may be one individual, however together we can make a difference. When each of us chooses to spend our dollars with the local markets, and at the farm gate we will slowly make a difference. Believe in, The Power Of One!
When Inner Origin walked into my life… and I got really excited!!!!!! Shopping online. Truth on Label. Food is Our Medicine. Supporting local small and family businesses. 100% money back guarantee. All products have gone through strict criteria for the truth on the label and wouldn’t be on this platform unless they were TRUE! Instantly, my shopping became easier. WHAM, my feeling good about buying good healthy products became easier and I BECAME MUCH HAPPIER! It’s for my own health and wellbeing and it’s for my children’s, then it becomes about my children’s children and the ripple begins. My teenage girls now share it with their friends when they talk about food and what they are sharing in their lunchboxes (as they do) and their friends will make smarter and healthier choices! The Inner Origin revolutionary online wellness marketplace also provides healthy cosmetics, cleaning products, pet food, skincare products, shampoos/conditioners, baby products (wow the toxins which go into nappy wipes/ nappy rash cream is outrageous!! They have natural pain management available, sports accessories and sports food and beverages. Other everyday items available include cooking ingredients, tea, coffee and all items found in our pantry. You can detox naturally with Dr. Sandra Cabot’s Trio and do it in 21 days (this can be life-changing). Digestion supplements, Fertility supplements, Superfoods, and Vitamins can be found. Linen and Natural Remedies. The world’s leading DNA Services are available on this platform when we have knowledge of self we have precious insight! The kit is simple to use/ non-invasive and non-diagnostic, oh to know about our body and how it has the ability to change our course of life and the choices we make, it’s fascinating to know what our DNA says about what triggers things within us. We are all unique. When you purchase a kit, your supplements will be personal to YOU and support you to be the best you can be. This is your invitation to visit this shopping platform and get excited about shopping with ease and comfort in the knowing all these products are healthy and/or organic and Non-GMO. It is so simple.
Can you eat your deodorant, what happens when you spray yours into your mouth? Can you eat your cleaning products? Well, you can eat these products! I’m loving my discovery! As at the time of writing this, 17 January 2018 it has been launched in Australia for 1 year and it’s growing rapidly. You can sign up for free and shop. You can discover the business side of things or you can become a Merchant Partner if you have a small/large business or product which aligns with the company philosophy. Many choices make our life amazing. Approximately March 2018 Inner Origin will launch into NZ, this will support local small/family businesses in NZ because this is what Inner Origin’s model is all about. The USA will be launched at the end of 2018 and then, the world is their oyster. Super excited! I have so much to do in my time on the planet and a healthy lifestyle will fully support I want to do? How about you?
Inner Origin is a wellness community and will bring people together all over the world. This is a must for our children!
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