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The Changing Way of Plant Based Eating- however how do we get our protein?

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”


In my part of the world it’s drawing close to wintertime. It’s now the end of April as I write this little blog. I’m doing it for two reasons, one is about my love of sharing, when I find something awesome, I wonder what the point of keeping it a secret is, so I share. Also, number two reason is wintertime in my mind says Hot Soups! I love soup and I so love my new knowledge I’m gaining in plant based produce and their health benefits. It’s not a completely new concept for me, however it’s certainly growing for me, this is my choice and not everybody’s. However, because it is a growing trend I wanted to share 🙂

I also love the words of Sudan Nathan the founder of Pickl as he shares his passion behind creating his business. It was hanging out in his childhood years with his grandmother and mother in the kitchen which ignited a belly deep desire. I encourage you to have a quick (because it’s short) read of his ‘Why’ behind what he does.

“My mission is to help people reduce their dependency on meat as the key source of protein in their diets and look to include a variety of veggies and other plant-based foods in their meals. Pickld ready to use plant-based seasonings contains activated lentils and superfoods (chia seeds, moringa, and turmeric), so they not only improve the flavour of vegetables, but also help you to create nutritious and easy to cook plant food for you and your loved ones.” – Suda Nathan, Founder

Now, enjoy creating the ‘Roasted Tomato & Eggplant Soup’ he has given to us. I love this because it’s different to any other I’ve tried before, and with the Pickl seasonings it really does come out so wow delicious!!! To get the Pickl seasonings go to and shop away. It’s free to sign up as a shopper! Available in Australia and NZ only (at this stage).
post provided by Sudan Nathan, founder of Pickl

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