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Weekends for Wonderful Women

New Venue – New Dates to be confirmed.

Send Debbie and email – and ask her when and where. Or make some suggestions as she’s cool to make things happen – maximum participants are 10. Small intimate groups gain the best results.

Possibilities for 2018 the outskirts of Perth, Western Australia or in the Hinterland on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Bali is a possibility if enough people are up for it.

Or, Debbie invites you to check out her Self-Nurturing Retreat, where you will take yourself away. You will find the special place for you, book it into your diary and GO AWAY from everything. You will be alone. Debbie will come along with you on your computer, you will work through a workbook, listen to her via video’s and learnings. You will have suggested meditations, music, podcasts and much more to support you in making the difference you wish to make in your life. Debbie also has a dedicated Self-Nurturing ReTREAT Facebook page for you to plug into and share experiences, ask questions or simply offload, its safe, secure and fully supportive.

So, whether it’s a Self-Nurturing ReTREAT or one where we are all together the following will pretty well happen.

What happens over the weekend?big heart

  • You invite your intuition to come and play
  • You unload and discard your baggage  (throw the excess away!)
  • Choose moments to give away your limiting beliefs  (like magic they go!)
  • Connect with amazingly special & likeminded ladies who will give you unconditional support
  • You experience transformational changes
  • You get Chill Out Time to simply BE!
  • You get time to write, sleep, stroll and dream!
  • We take mini walks, have meditations and visit the flowing river
  • We have a ceremony to ‘manifest your desires’
  • We reconnect with Mother Earth and become fully energised by the experience
  • For You to get maximum benefits You will be asked to give permission to:- For Yourself; to play full out For Debbie; to wear her coach’s hat all weekend

(imagine having your own Coach for 52 hours; equivalent to 1 hour per week for 1 year).

Where is it:

The Self-Nurturing ReTREAT will be of your choice – wherever the wind takes you.

An Inspirational Living ReTREAT will be wherever the demand is ….. watch this space or make it happen!

lady jumping with green sash

When is it? 

Whenever you decide!


The Self-Nurturing ReTREAT is perfectly timed for YOU, because you make it happen.

The Inspirational Living ReTREATS roughly are, when convenient to you from 11.00am to 4pm Friday

Then will conclude 3.00pm and You will be energised to jump back into your life with a refreshed mindset.

So, if it’s a Self-Nurturing ReTREAT or an Inspirational Living ReTREAT ……………..

  • Bring Your Challenge (we all have them let’s work on a tough one)  Why one? Because once it’s sorted, other things will be released, this is awesomely powerful – gotta love the ripple effect!
  • Rediscover and realign Your values  (when have you ever consciously done this?)
  • Make a Decision and Commit (once you have clarity decisions comes easily)
  • Act on it (learn strategies to help with this)
  • Create the vision for the change and Celebrate! (get creative and be fully supported)

This weekend will:

  • Eliminate old beliefs and baggage from your life (these no longer serve us, therefore we need to rid of them…….letting go is awesomely powerful! )
  • Help you choose the next chapter on your journey (visualisation is the key)
  • Empower you to make changes now!  (understand deep knowing and desire inside your core)
  • Discard the old thinking and welcome in the new (old thinking is just that, old and dated)
  • Reassess your values and how they can better serve you (everything changes in our life)
  • Tantalise your tastebuds and lift your spirit!  (eat super food and nurture your spirit in the magic of an organised ReTREAT or own of your own)
  • Reconnect with Mother Earth with our own Shaman Healer Lisa Perry
  • Learn about vibrational flower essence from our intuitive healer Franziska Stahmann
  • Relax with optional ‘Lomi Lomi massages(to fully support your shift) and more!

Come laugh and play in the beautiful hinterland where the tranquillity is amazing, the food  scrummy, the mountain stream mediative and the fresh air supportive for beautiful peaceful changing thought. You are guaranteed to feel the shift happening JUST FOR you! All will be as it’s meant to be!

Take ownership and control by asking for what you want out of your life, allow it come to you instead of you going to it!

“We don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are.” Anais Nin

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