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Re-think, Re-new, Re-engage and Re-energise!

Debbie Hogg The Self Worth Coach Presents: Weekends for Wonderful WomenIMG_3070

Are any of these happening in your life?

▪ You are connected with dysfunctional relationships at home or work?
▪ You don’t have the energy and enthusiasm to engage how you want in Your life?
▪ You are cross and cranky because everything is too hard?
▪ You live with pain in your body or have received a scary diagnosis?
▪ Are you ready to be all you can be and need time out to focus on You?
▪ You simply want ‘time for self’ to gather and regroup your thoughts!

Some of us live with the constant pounding of physical, emotional and energetic pain which causes us to operate from the fight or flight space (survival mode) and it leaves us feeling drained, overwhelmed, upset and tired!

Some of us live from a space of ‘giving’ constantly and putting ourselves last, when it comes time for us, we find our tank empty.  When our tank run on empty we suffer emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Some of us would just like a little ‘time out’ to re-engage in our own life, to think, plan or simply be grateful for all we have. When we don’t give ourselves the time to do this we become detached from our life and often purpose.

If this sounds familiar and your life is running something like this, Debbie has empowering solutions specifically for you. Give yourself permission to break away and join a small, intimate connected group of ladies.

Put changes in place that will take You from just getting by, to thriving and making your life the best it can possibly be.

Join Debbie and create Your Inspirational Life!


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