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What happens over the weekend?
▪ You invite your intuition to come and play
▪ You unload and discard your baggage  (throw the excess away!)
▪ Choose moments to give away your limiting beliefs  (like magic they go!)
▪ Connect with amazingly special & likeminded ladies who will give you unconditional support
▪ You experience transformational changes
▪ You get Chill Out Time to simply BE!
▪ You get time to write, sleep, stroll and dream!
▪ We take mini walks, have meditations and visit the flowing river
▪ We have a ceremony to ‘manifest your desires’
▪ We reconnect with Mother Earth and become fully energised by the experience

For You to get maximum benefits You will be asked to give permission to:-
For Yourself; to play full out
For Debbie; to wear her coach’s hat all weekend

(imagine having your own Coach for 52 hours; equivalent to 1 hour per week for 1 year).

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