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What will You gain?

an excuse is nothing more than a self-emposed road block▪ Personal Growth & Massive Clarity
▪ Strategies to Shift your Life
▪ Unconditional Support from Debbie ‘Your Coach’
▪ Strength and Energy
▪ Ways to Nourish your Body, Emotions, Soul, Mind and Spirit to Create Lasting Balance
▪ Experience Ways to Weave the Labyrinth Walk into your Life to Support Purposeful Focus
▪ An Empowering Mindset
▪ Connect and re-energise with Mother Earth and healing with our Shaman Healer Lisa Perry (Gold Coast only)
▪ Determination, Drive & Courage to Change
▪ Unconditional support from Debbie ‘Your Coach’
▪ Optional suggestions:  Find somewhere to pamper yourself and have a massage! This will enhance your weekend retreat!

Enjoy journaling, quiet time reflecting and allow yourself to reassess where you are at!
Make plans and dreams
Watch the trees and listen to the breeze or if you are beside the ocean, be with the sea, smell the air, reconnect with mother nature
Reconnect with You!  You are the most important person in your life!

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