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Self-Nurturing Retreat

We are our own superhero.

We are our children’s superhero &

We are our partners superhero.


Supermum   –   Superwife   –   Superboss    –   Superfriend   –   Superwoman   –   SUPER!

Who helps super YOU?

  • Are you feeling
  • Disconnected?
  • Lost?
  • Alone?
  • Detached?
  • Angry?
  • Frustrated?
  • Are you in pain?
  • Want space to refocus, set goals and regroup?
  • Do you want something different?

Even a superwoman like you needs rest, relaxation, nurturing, self-care, fuel to top your tank up, a moment with a book, a cuppa tea, time for exercise, goal setting strategies, meditation or simply catching up with a friend. What about a date night to keep your relationship in ‘ship shape’? All of this and let’s be honest, to save your sanity and self! It seems like a small ask, however it often alludes you.

When you focus on saving you, you can continue to save others.

Being so time poor, where in the world will you get the time to FOCUS on YOU?

You’ve wanted to attend seminars, go on retreats, get coaching for a long time – then you remember you are always committed to something else, mentally or financially.

What if you could escape for a short time on your own self-nurturing retreat… all by yourself? Wait what?



Re-engage and



Alone?   Yet, who will guide you?

Welcome to your SELF-NURTURING RETREAT delivered by yours truly 🙂

You can take yourself anywhere, anytime, be 100% with yourself, and I will still be there to guide you the entire way.

I’ve created something special, I supply all the content you need from the workbook, videos, and everything you can assess yourself via activities and checklists. We will have a support page where you can ask questions, give feedback and updates on your progress. We will be supporting each other from many corners of the world. When women support each other, shifts happen. Some will be beside the sea, some will be in the bush, some could be in the snow and some up a mountain and some might have sent their family away and be in their own back yard. Wherever you are is the place you are meant to be.

You’ve been waiting for this and it only takes a click.

If not NOW, when?

It starts here


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