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BlockClaim™ Protocol

A quick story about a friend of ours… Who first came into our cafe at Hillary’s Boat Harbour, Perth. He was certainly the most eccentric American I’ve ever met, generous to a fault and as mischievous as any child I’ve known!

Our the years we became more and more blown away by his big thinking and ideas of Sovereignty and Dominion.

When he spoke of Democratising Space by sharing the wealth of Space amongst everyone we thought he’s crazy but he just might pull it off! Similar to ICANN, the early Internet registry Joe’s underlying principle was to establish the Worlds first Registry of Asteroid Mining Interests. Now if you think it’s a small industry with years to go before it matures, consider the asteroid mining market is already valued in the trillions of dollars. that is a lot of zeros $1,000,000,000,000!

And if you want to be really blown away NASA has mapped and valued 967,000 Asteroids some of which have been given a latent value of a Quintillion Dollars.

So, what is the opportunity here for mere mortals like you and I? In 1967 the UN agreed on an Outer Space Treaty which specifically stated that no nation may claim sovereignty of outer space or any celestial body. No one can ‘own’ the Stars! Some of the worlds richest people investing eye watering sums to go seek out Asteroids which hold unknown secrets, undiscovered minerals and practically infinite precious metals.

The time will come for them to ensure their investment is commercially secure and historically the way to do that is by a system of registration. If there are two systems then any dispute as to which one is recognised is decided in International Courts by the evidence of first established.

Joe established the Worlds first and still the only Asteroid Mining Rights Registry in 2015. As the UN Treaty states, the Wealth of Space is for all to share and so he set the initial price to register a claim at a genuinely affordable $1.99 US. Each Blockclaim™️ is for an estimated $1M US of mining rights on any specific Asteroid. You can buy Blockclaim™️ at Asteroid.Org But hold up… which Asteroid do you pick? There are currently 967,000 of them.

We chose to hold Medallions, (Gift cards if you like) which can be exchanged at any time for specific Blockclaim™️ on an Asteroid You can buy packs of Medallions starting at $2.69 from us at For those of you so inclined their is one final even better way to get Asteroid Mining Rights whilst also ‘hedging your bets’ with a dip into the world of Cryptocurrency!

One AstrCoin (ASTR) is hard linked to one Blockclaim™️ and so if you have a bit of Crypto to play with or an Account with an Exchange like Coinbase I’ll help you:

If you would like any more information or simple advice on how to get started send us a message  below:

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