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08 August 2014 – Early Bird extended!

The complete tranquility enables anyone who chooses to take time out for themselves to have a transformational weekend. Reconnect with yourself, re-energise, reflect and much more will happen. The time is now to let go of all the masculine energy that’s flowing around our bodies – it’s a time to cleanse and fully reconnect with the feminine! You are invited along to share with likeminded women, discover somethings you didn’t know about yourself and breathe in the ‘truly magical energy’ that an Inspirational Living Retreat will give you.

The last retreat was the 30th May…..this is what some of the ladies had to say.

‘The retreat was a wonderful, soulful weekend where Debbie’s coaching style and strategies allowed us to open up ourselves and dig deep, to then implement the life skills and tools Debbie shared to help us improve our own lives. Thank you!’

‘Magical, inspirational and just what I needed!!!!!! I wish it went for far longer :)’

‘I had an ‘AMAZING’ weekend! I have felt nurtured, supported, loved and heard. I am leaving this weekend with a ‘Lightness’ and a spring in my step. I feel ready to step forward in a powerful and positive way’.

‘Debbie is so inspirational and always has a lovely energy. She picks up on what is needed for each person, be it a word, a hug or sense of humour. Thank you I loved it!’

‘This is my 3rd Inspirational Living Retreat that I have attended of Debbie’s. I have grown immensely through this process and I have connected with so many strong amazing women including Debbie. Thank you!’

‘Crazily Transformational’!!!! 🙂 Surround by loving, supportive, gorgeous women I could let go and immerse in MYSELF to discover how to move forward fully connected with MYSELF!!

‘Thank you for providing the opportunity for such wondrousness to unfold. I feel a beautiful shift and am grateful for the time spent working with such amazing women in an amazing place. Thank you so very much!’

Calling all women who want to give themselves some time out to nurture themselves! Join us on 08th – 10th August for yet another sensational Inspirational Living Retreat!  Book in an optional massage, enjoy the RAW food workshop, make your vision board to give you momentum to make changes in your life. Walk and connect with mother nature, the rainforest is energising, tranquil and just what we need to shift the masculine energy and rediscover our beautiful, calming feminine energy.

I look forward to connecting with you. Blessings Debbie

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