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Creating along the Camino

Camino de Santiago 2015

I have great days all the time, however this particular one was filled with loads of smiles, new people, old people, new places, experiences and SUNFLOWERS (and that doesn’t’t happen every day) and how excited were we to see them. For a number of days Tiffani my Camino walking buddy (who is also travelling solo) and I have mentioned how awesome it would be to encounter the sunflowers. We have imageboth seen amazing photos of the sunflowers along the Camino and we’re putting out there to see them. Awhile ago, we had been passing more and more fields of sunflowers however all small plants, ones that were just starting to bud, ones that were half a metre through to 1.5metres. We encountered a random one blooming along the side of the road and although we thought it odd, was great to see.

Taking the scenic route which seems to be less common with piligrinos, we we totally blessed with two huge fields of brightness! We were like kids in a candy shop. We jumped for joy, gently played between me, admired them, got up close and personal, took loads of photos and left feeling exceptionally blessed indeed.

Putting out specific requests to the universe have been playing a lot in our journey over the past few days. Just 3 days ago we walked out of Castrojeriz and Tiffani said, today I would like to have cherries (the cherries are big and devious). Cherries you will have I said. Later she mentioned how she would love to stay in an alburgue that had a swimming pool. It was a tough day with the heat, however loads of fun as we stopped for picnics, beer and food along the way, chatted with Belgium bike riders, meet up with long lost travelling buddies and walked with Brook a new Camino buddy.

An entrepreneurial bar owner pulled up along side us and invited us to stop at her bar which was the second one in town. This I thought was a good call as we generally stopped at the first along with everyone else. So, stop at her bar we did………….we walked out onto the outdoor patio and what was growing big, tall and laden with fruit – yep, the most beautiful cheery tree I have ever seen! Ask and you shall receive I thought!

The beer caused a little bit of sluggishness as we started to drag our heals (we had heard from some bikers from the states that beer was good to have along the ride/walk as its good carbs). We also see heaps of Europeans having beers as they walk, well not for these little black ducks. Anyways, we livened up our walk with a play on some hay bails (so fun). Arriving a little late to our alburgue we had randomly chosen at the cheery tree bar, was getting late so we asked the owner to reserve ahead for us. We were thrilled and so pleased because not only did it have the most beautiful grassy garden, with flowers everywhere, tin statues, murals on the wall, the cutest buildings ever and a super atmosphere……it had long lost friends (always a welcome sight) and it had a swimming pool! So cool………….ask and you shall receive. Awesome day, long day, happy little vegemites at the end of it all 😀 loving the Camino and all that it brings – here’s to meeting Camino friends again along the way. xxx

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