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One step at a time and the confirmations!

Camino de Santiago 2015

Feeling a little frustrated with what technology is attempting to teach me and sometimes want to throw it out the window. Wonder what I can do about this. Could I have left it all behind and simply walked and journaled? The Camino brings up what it needs to bring up. I just wrote a big blog on communication and how important it is to speak my truth and how I know I need to let go of some things, some stuff and even some people because that’s just the way life goes and it is what it is. I go to put it in here and whamo its disappeared (yes I know it will be somewhere, grrrrrrrrrrrrr) anyway, breathing and letting go is what today is all about.

Today a new friend (5 days old now) Tiffani from the states and I head out across the Meseta which is flat, flat, flat. Will be a great reflection time……will contemplate technology. Will have fun and will aim to do 25kms and see where we end up. Here’s to walking, here’s to life and all that it offers.

Breathing and allowing things to be as they need to be. 😀

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