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What if we made a change?

“If nothing ever changed, there’ll be no butterflies.” unknown

 We say to ourself, I’m not good enough, when will I be successful? I feel judged, there is too many expectations. I don’t like me. I feel alone. We often have these words rushing around inside our head. “Who said so?”, a coach may ask. They say; he says, she says, I expect it. I think negatively about myself. I beat myself up all the time. I’m never achieving what I want. I’m caught inside this trap.
An example maybe the expectations of family. We aren’t doing it their way, not getting the results they expect. They regularly project this and it weights us down. A coach may ask, “who you are living your life for?” An example answer could be, to be successful I must have a Porche/Mercedes or Audi. To be seen as successful I need to have the big house and swimming pool, with a boat out the back. A coach may ask, “When did you decide this?” Or, “How is this belief serving you?”

These beliefs do not support our life. They hinder us and keep us in a place of negativity and distress. A coach may ask, “Is this thinking something you would like to change?”

Change is about being different, become altered or modified; being transformed, to switch from one thing to another. Is it easy to change? This depends on our mindset, desire and vision. Is it necessary to change, this depends on how much staying the same is holding us back or impacting negatively on our life.

When we choose to put change, growth, advancement and getting out of our comfort zone into the too hard basket it can create disappointment with life. The ripple effect is detrimental to our relationships, career, role-modelling and overall health and wellbeing. It can influence our body being at ‘Dis-ease’. Negativity outside reflects negatively inside – nothing is nurtured in this space. So can we change alone? Yes, we can. However, there is value in working with someone who will support, challenge and hold us accountable to what we truly want.

“Choices, Chances, Changes. We must make a choice to take a chance or our life will never change.”

We have the ability to make the change for our path to be different, we must want it enough. A coach may ask, “If things remained the same and you passed in 5 years time, what would you say about your life?

5 tips supporting change:

  • Be specific – ignite the desire,
  • Vision it – when waking, when going to sleep – feel the emotion – do constantly,
  • Start small, enjoy the journey – repeat!
  • Work with a coach for solid results,
  • Make a vision board and hang in the bathroom – seeing constantly supports THE SHIFT.Change illuminates going to our grave with regrets. What will you choose?

“If you do not change direction you may end up where you are heading”
Lao Tau

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