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CoinGem Xchange

The biggest obstacle to Crypto Currencies is the difficulty of using it to buy everyday things, it takes a long time and can incur outrageous fees along the way!
Imagine if you had a Debit Card Account which can hold any amount of the worlds greatest currencies US$, GBP, EUR, SIN and RMB and at the same time BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, RIPPLE, DOGECOIN and the new Bitcoin of space , ASTRCOIN with others!

Now imagine you can transact and exchange all these assets on your phone and simultaneously use your card to buy a meal at your favourite local restaurant with the local currency, or get cash from the ATM..

The CoinGem UnionPay Debit Card is scheduled to do all this and you can benefit from early adoption with a ‘Crypto for Cash’ limited time offer from CoinGem

Simply complete the initial interest form and we will send you more details.

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