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They said it, I live it, You can do it!

Quotes and Anecdotes for a purposeful life

They said, I live it, you can do it!As we get older we get wiser, so the saying goes. As we get older we have little reminders of how fast time goes by and how we pass from this amazing planet. I’m a collector of quotes and have shared some of my life and travel experiences, from Papua New Guinea to Camino de Santiago in Spain.

This little book enables you to take notes, journal, flick back and forth, keep close and draw on. There is huge value in other people’s stories and wise words. Check out
some of my best nuggets wrapped in simple tools and techniques which can be applied to create all you want in life.

Life is Life and it certainly knows how to deal up some serious ‘stuff’ at times. Do we get through it? Yes we do! Is it challenging, difficult, horrible, tricky, upsetting or incredibly frustrating? YES, it can be! Can we do anything about whatever it is? Maybe yes, maybe no. Can we shift our attitude in how we deal with it? ABSOLUTELY.

The intention behind these little adventures or challenging stories is to pass on tools and strategies for making Shift Happen.

Life is our thoughts! Thoughts + Feelings = Results

The power of the mind is where it all starts.

What is next for you? The Journey has just begun, today is a new day!

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.”

Forrest Gump

Complete paperback book which includes quotes, stories, activities, progress trackers, accountability and fun colouring spaces!

Grab this unique book from Debbie now and make a difference in your life!

Drop me a message for Multiple copies, I will be delighted to send them to friends or family all over the world!

My Fabulous Book!

What people are saying about, They Said It, I Live It, You Can Do It.

Debbie Hogg’s book, “They said it, I live it, you can do it” lives up to its name.  Debbie’s style of explaining why favourite quotes are favourites and openly sharing her experiences and baring her soul, makes the concepts very real and relatable.  Writing thoughts, underlining bits to remember, answering questions, all without over thinking, makes it my own little playbook for life and one I will continue to dip in and out of.

Shelley Marie-Sainte

This book should be pride of place on everyone’s bookshelf, it is brilliant! I know Debbie personally, and am proud to call her my friend. She truly does live the life she talks about (and practices what she preaches).  I love the varied layout, the stories, tips and illustrations. It is much more FUN than a big, overwhelming self-help book by someone who doesn’t know. Buy this, enjoy this and live this! Thanks Debbie.

Lyndsey Foy

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