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Keeping it Simple // A Life Without Clutter

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Today we seem to be cluttered in many ways, cluttered in our mind with so many thoughts. Cluttered in our house with possessions and papers, cluttered in our sheds and garages, clutter, clutter everywhere. Often we can get to the brink of overwhelm and stress that we don’t even realise the effect it has on our health. An ulcer, an attack, a breakdown in our body can be a result of just having too much inwardly and outwardly happening. We talk about the busyness, the speed, the lack of time, the different ways we are pushed and pulled, our crazy workload and those who rely on us, what can we do? It’s a good question to ask ourselves and we do, but still we do the same. Our mind is filled to the top with urgent and important things it’s filled with absolutely everything and unfortunately we can find ourselves living from a place of chaos. This is where we can start to feel we are losing control, where things start to go downhill, down the plughole. We talk to ourselves and say, ‘I’ll be alright’, ‘I’ll carry on’ or ‘It will pass’, ‘She’ll be right’. But our behaviour continues. Our thoughts stay the same and our excuses grow more and more every day.

The more you have the more occupied you are. The less you have the more free you are.

– Mother Teresa

What do we do? We feel like we want to scream ‘Get me out of here’, but we don’t. We wonder about putting a plan in place. We’ve even heard how bad that stress is for us, we know all of this however we continue on until we are so exhausted we get sick, have a break down or we completely loose interest for all that is good and this has an enormous impact on our life.

The impact of a cluttered mind is imbalance. This without a doubt leads to sickness and disease. Michelle Bridges says, “Get your mind sorted and your body will follow”. In getting overwhelm sorted out it will impact favourably on our families, our workload, our work life balance and ultimately our fulfilment with our life. There are some great supporting quotes around that can be supportive with encouraging us to take a different look at what we have around us. Barbara Hemphill says, “Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions”.

Can we shift this disorganisation in our mind and around our home and office, of course we can, we can do anything that we set our minds to. We simply need to break it down into achievable bite size chunks. We can start by making a decision about what is important. What will we choose to let go of? What is making us money and what is costing us money? What would happen if we stopped doing some of these things? If the benefits were noticeable would we be interested? If we could have a more peaceful life would we be interested? The answer for any of us will be yes.

9 tips to clear the clutter from our heads…

  • Brain dump – just get it out onto paper,
  • Take some time out in a place special to us and think about what we want from life, where would that special place be?
  • Get in some outside assistance – bring in an organiser (someone to help with decluttering, it’s a big business now and easy to find) this will help with the mind clutter,
  • Meditate and just let the busyness of our mind be free, let go of the thoughts as they come, practice is important with this. The more we do it the better the impact,
  • See all the opportunities in the challenges that arise for us
  • Work with a coach – for accountability, support and releasing techniques,
  • Smile and be grateful for all that we have,
  • Take time out on an Inspirational Living Retreat for the weekend (give self-permission),
  • Exercise (it’s great for clearing emotional thoughts and feelings).

By doing one task and taking the first step we automatically change one behaviour. The process has begun! If we want something different to what we have we must do something we haven’t done before. We simply make a different choice.

Connect with the benefits when doing any of these tips, when we really connect with the benefits the job is half way done. The sense of freedom, the release or relief is uplifting and almost transforming.

What will the benefits be for me? …………………….. (fill in the blank).

Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficultly lies opportunity

– unknown

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