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Keeping it Simple // The Power of Taking ‘That Moment’ and Being Grateful

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It’s the reflective time of year, yes the end of the year where we contemplate all that was. Once December arrives we head full on into the hustle and bustle of end of school year, the summer holidays and Christmas. Taking a moment to slow down and give our selves a small amount of time to reflect has impacting benefits and gives us a benchmark or measuring tool. Where have we been, what did we achieve and also consider where it is taking us to for the coming year.

How has this year served us with our big picture and where we want to go (our dream)? With what we chose to do, did it work well as part of our goal planning? Of course our plans will all be different and could be anything from a study or exercise plan to changing our eating habits. It could have been seeking another job or career. It may have been working on our relationships with partners, family or friends. It could have been changing our life completely and leaving a relationship or moving to another country to live. It may have been having a baby. There are many, many things that this year has been about and now as December shows up, what are our thoughts about our progress?

This year will have provided different experiences, challenges, trials, tribulations, fun, adventures and lessons. For whatever this year has provided us it’s beneficial to take a moment and jot some notes down. Consider what worked well and what didn’t go according to plan. Next, write beside each what we learnt or got out of it. There will be learnings from our wins and of course there will be learnings from the things we consider could have gone differently.

Once we’ve sat with our notes or thoughts, give some thought to what we are grateful for in each of these experiences. What did we receive during the process of the event?  How did it support our own growth and development, how did it support other people? What did it role model to our children? How did it impact on our environment? And, if we had the opportunity again, would we do anything differently?

Being grateful for our learnings fully supports our thoughts in asking for something different next time. This plays a big part in the universe assisting us to achieve our dreams. Because, we can have anything we want to have, it requires clear focus, regular visioning, clear specific words and ‘Action’!

Unknown (1)Listed below are 5 easy ways to develop our ‘Gratitude’.

    • Each morning or evening write or think about 5 things we are grateful for from the day. Saying these out loud to ourself is a great practise as well.
    • Share our experiences in a combined Christmas letter to friends and relatives.
    • Around the dinner table, take turns in saying what we are grateful for from the day – this also teaches beneficial habits to our children.
    • Write down the name of one person who is very special in our life. Next write a letter to them explaining what makes them so important to us. Now this next step is where it becomes very impacting. Call that person and read the letter. See The Science of Happiness an experiment in Gratitude. It’s powerful and impacting.
    • In Christmas cards, let the person know what we appreciate and love about them.

Enjoy the conscious choice in being ‘Grateful’for all that we have in our lives.

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