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What Does Our Thinking Attract?

Things just aren’t going the way we planned, we want something to be different. We didn’t want to be here at this time of our life, “It was supposed to be different”, we will often say to ourselves.

Every thought we think is creating our world
– Louise Hay

What went wrong, can we press the rewind button? What about the delete button, ‘command Z’ to take away just a few of the last steps. We feel exhausted and flat because we seem to be going around and around in that same old circle. Things may annoy us that don’t normally matter, often they are silly little things.

We toss them around in our head over and over again and notice just how negative our thoughts are. ‘Yuk’, we say to ourselves and wonder how our thoughts got like this. If we did go down the plug hole, this is what it could feel like. A loosing of control type of feeling, things slipping away and we sometimes feel that we are right on the verge of letting go and dropping down that whirly old hole to the unknown.

It’s important to notice here that our thoughts and feelings are powerful, dynamic forces and play a big role in our vibration and whether we radiate good health or overwhelm that can cause our body to be at dis-ease. When our thoughts are so caught up in our everyday emotions or situations that we perceive to be on the bad side, this is the only space we are allowing ourselves to be in. Negative attracts negative and birds of a feather flock together.

If we always do what we have always done, we will always get what we have always got. If we want to have a different outcome we simply concentrate on turning our thoughts around.  Being conscious of turning our negative thoughts around into positive thoughts will absolutely create different and better outcomes. We know that when we are thinking negatively or badly this is what we will attract into our life.

The opposite happens with thinking positively and creating good upbeat vibes, we will receive positivity back and our results will be better. By being aware of what we are thinking we will create a different life.

To support our growth in making these changes Dr Wayne Dyer shares an insight. “Have a Mind That Is Open to Everything and Attached to Nothing.  We become what we think about all day long—this is one of the greatest secrets that so many people are unaware of as they live out their life’s mission. What we think about is the business of our minds. If that inner invisibleness called our mind is closed to new ideas and infinite possibilities, it is equivalent to killing off the most important aspect of our very humanity. A mind that is open and unattached to any one particular way of being or living is like having an empty container that can allow new and endless possibilities to enter and be explored”.

We can turn things around and create that empty container that Wayne Dyer talks about and it will bring in new and limitless possibilities for us to explore and play with. Our families will notice a difference, our friends will see and feel the difference and most importantly we will also feel changed, empowered and healthier.

As we take a look at our life we can also ask ourselves a few questions.

  • Are we happy with where we are right now?
  • What is stopping us from having what we want right now?
  • What thoughts are we thinking that keeps us in the same place?
  • How much do I want to change my life?

Tips for turning on more positivity in our life.

  • Become fearless and do new and exciting things,
  • Make a bucket list and have something to work towards,
  • Work with A Coach to make sure these things happen,
  • Join some groups where we will meet like minded people,
  • Choose to Be Happy,
  • Listen to upbeat, inspirational video’s, Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette etc,
  • Turn off the news stations and listen to Inspirational music with no news/ad’s or depressing or distressing distractions or whatever our choice of music is,
  • Take well earned time out, experience an Inspirational Retreat,
  • Sit and reflect,
  • Write a gratitude journal, write poetry, start that book that’s inside us,
  • Read or listen to positive books,
  • Do some personal growth development, visit a library workshop they have many to choose from.

Here are 15 things from to support taking control and being happy. Because we can if we choose to.

  • Give up our need to always be right,
  • Give up our need for control,
  • Give up on blame,
  • Give up our self-defeating self talk,
  • Give up our limiting beliefs,
  • Give up complaining,
  • Give up the luxury of criticism,
  • Give up our need to impress others,
  • Give up our resistance to change,
  • Give up labels,
  • Give up our fears,
  • Give up our excuses,
  • Give up the past,
  • Give up attachment,
  • Give up living our life to other people’s expectations.

You cant live a positive life with a negative mind

– unknown.

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