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Keeping it Simple // Having Less in Our Heads

Life Skills

“Clutter isn’t just in your home, attic, garage or office. Clutter is also in your mind, and distracts you from the amazing things you are meant to do.” – Katrina Mayer

Cluttered muddled mind, so much going on we run on overwhelm and stress. We talk about the busyness, the speed, the lack of time, the different ways we are pushed and pulled, our crazy workload and those who rely on us, what are we to do? Still we continue with the clutter, the constant jobs and busyness. Our mind is filled to the top with urgent and important things and then non-urgent things, it’s filled with absolutely everything.

There appears to be no priority list or form of organisation, this then takes us to operating in a state of chaos. And this is where the downward spiral begins. We can feel it happening but we continue with the overwhelming and habitual behaviour. Some of our conversations to ourselves include, “I’ll be okay”, “It will be different tomorrow, the end of the week, or even by the end of the month”. “All will be well”. “My husband will be back soon and he can help out, things will get back to normal”. “We will have the money shortly and can move”or some such excuse or mind chatter.

What do we do? Do we put a plan in place or will we continue on and on until we are so warn out that we get sick, have a break down or completely loose it and start disliking our life and all that we have?

The impacts of a cluttered and busy mind is having an imbalance in our body therefore leading to sickness and often dis-ease. Michelle Bridges says, “Get your mind sorted and your body will follow”. In getting overwhelm sorted out it will impact favourably on our families, our workload, our work life balance and ultimately our fulfillment with our life.

Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficultly lies opportunity

– unknown

Can we move on from having all of this busyness? Yes we can. How do we do this? By making a decision about what is important to us. What will we choose to let go of? What is making us money and what is costing us money? What would happen if we stopped doing one or two things for 1 week and see what happened? If the benefits were noticeable would we be interested?

Listed below are tips to help with clearing clutter from our minds…

  • Do a brain dump, get it all out onto paper – this will be amazing for our headspace.
  • Get out in the fresh air and let go of stuff.
  • Sit in the sun it’s a great cleanser.
  • Take some long deep breaths – start with breathing out and counting to 10, continue down to 1.
  • Go to bed earlier and get a good sleep – sleep is vital to our mind and body.
  • Ask for a hug when it’s all too much – releasing feel good endorphins.
  • Dance like nobody is watching – this is also releasing.
  • Do exercise, walk, jog, do yoga etc.
  • Take an Inspirational Living Retreat – receiving support and tranquility.
  • Journal what we are feeling, once again freeing the internal clutter.
  • Talk to someone, this is also releasing.
  • Work with a coach – they are the best listeners and want us to be the best we can be!
  • See the opportunities in all challenges.
  • Smile often and look on the positive side – note we have something to learn when turning negatives around.

Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions

– Barbara Hemphill

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