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Now I have time – What do I do?

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One of the biggest milestones in our children’s life is off to school they go; they need us less and less. And this can sometimes have a negative impact on us, the mum, it means that once again things need to change. It’s one guarantee we truly know about and that is life as we know it is constantly changing!

As the mum, it’s what’s next for us? We are faced with so many options and returning to work is one of our options. Whilst some of us appear to sail through these challenges, some of us become paralysed with fear, frozen like a stone statue. We have thoughts race around inside our head, we  might be making excuses and even overthink things. We juggle options that can be overwhelming and then it’s often the mindset of running other people lives.  It might be one on one training because they will be texting many new people, changing  careers all together or we might even be considering our own business,

so much is going on. Of course with so many thoughts and options it can lead to confusion, which in turn can lead to the crazy around and around thinking going on in our head, which impacts hugely on energy, vibration and our behaviour. We might even feel ourself getting uptight, cross and feel a pull back towards that busy merry-go-round again.  Confusion, fear, self-esteem challenges, confidence issues and much much more scream loudly in our ears and we need to STOP and take a breathe.  Ah, we sigh.
Then bang goes our confidence is shot and our negative mind chatter gets louder and louder. Our mindset goes to mush, our dreams don’t seem achievable and the change can be challenging; does any of this sound familiar?
Tips for getting back control.
Decide to make different choices and put changes in place……. we have choices,
Get crystal clear – Set a good strong and achievable goal/s,
Get support/accountability! Find a course, a support group, a life coach, or even a group of likeminded mums/people,
Take reflective time and plan – “Fail to plan and we plan to fail”. Winston Churchill,
Take a stand and choose to be the best role model for our children,
Jump outside our comfort-zone – it is the only place we grow!
“If you don’t prioritise your life, someone else will.”  Greg McKeow

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