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Keeping it Simple // Making Different Choices to Give Us a Different Result

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At times we struggle and feel alone in our world. We ask ourselves, “Where did I go wrong to have this, all I wanted was to be happy and to have things go smoothly and calmly in my life.”

We are often caught in this trap of ‘same, same’ therefore nothing changes and we go around and around, day after day, month after month doing what we are doing. We feel tired, drained, annoyed, upset, sad, frustrated and often lost.

We look for things to blame, we sometimes even blame other people and this pushes us further into the ‘poor me’ place. Playing in the poor me state does not serve us and something needs to be done to turn our attitude and behaviour around or we will become sick. If we are sick we are unable to support our family and be the role model we want to be to our children. So, is it possible to move on from this unproductive space? Yes it is. We simply make a choice to do something different.

If we really want to have a more productive attitude that will give us a different behaviour therefore better results in our life we can choose to do one or some of the following:

  • Look at the people we are surrounding ourself with, ‘Birds of a Feather Flock Together’,
  • Seek medical help if we feel this is what is required,
  • Work with a coach who will support us to make some changes,
  • Do workshops or activities through the local council,
  • Make a choice to make a change, get support from a friend, partner, coach,
  • Be more present with our children, their energy is infectious,
  • Call a long lost friend and say hello,
  • Go for coffee with a friend,
  • Purchase a bunch of flowers, this will lift our spirits,
  • Hire a cleaner, gardner or someone who can help us out to take the pressure off,
  • Book a weekend away or a holiday – alone or with the family,
  • Arrange a date night and reconnect with our partner – get intimate,
  • Talk through or list out goals and plans for the way forward and our future,
  • Stand in the sunshine and re-energise,
  • Sit and think about life with a cuppa tea,
  • Hang in a hammock for 30 minutes and decide what could change,
  • Walk in the bush or on the beach and re-energise,
  • Read a book, visit the library or purchase on-line,
  • Listen to podcasts, easily downloaded on iTunes,
  • Create a vision board,
  • Exercise – join a walking club, gym, fitness group or bootcamp,
  • Learn a new skill, up skill at work,
  • Leave the job we don’t like and get another- work with a coach to support with this,
  • Do something we are passionate about,
  • Reconnect with family if this would serve us,
  • Have a regular massage,
  • Start a bucket list.

Most importantly, make a decision on what it is that we truly want and come up with a plan to move forward to get it. By taking one small step in doing something different it will start to change the way. Enjoy the journey.

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